Monday, July 14, 2014

Entrepreneurs and Professionals: Measuring The Distance

Today, July 14th, is National Tape Measure Day in the United States.  A tape measure is something made out of cloth, plastic, fiber glass or metal and has markings on it for linear measurements.  Earlier methods of measurement included using a marked piece of rope, leather or chain.  Source:

Today, along with tape measures, we can use lasers for linear measurement. This is something fairly new, considering the tape measure dates back to the Romans! However, tape measures are only effective linear measures.

Yet, there are other things we want or need to measure, such as happiness or success. How you measure these can bring you different results. I wonder how you measure these in your life. I suggest a moment of reflection to determine if you are using ancient methods which may no longer be relevant or effective. 

The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have. 
~ Vince Lombardi

If you are experiencing summertime,  long, summer days may have you moving more slowly.  AND, if you are a business owner and find yourself slowing down and losing energy, the distance from where you find yourself standing today and the goals you have set for this year can begin to seem daunting. Business owners know how important it is to relax and take time off. The danger with relaxing can become long term lax or career stall.

Attempting to measure progress at this point can feel like dragging a heavy chain from the valley floor to the mountain top to see how much further you need to go. Before you give in to the urge to just give up, I invite you to quench your thirst to get your business going again. Here are some questions to ponder while you relax. Allow yourself to entertain whatever thoughts arise without judgment or anxiety or angst. 

What measures do you use to determine your present position in business? 

How do you assess the effectiveness of your marketing funnel? 

Can you be more clear about your service, your clients' needs and your message? 

Can you recognize ways you undermine your own success? 

Do you have inspired ideas that you neglect to act on?

Is your corporate identity solid, focused and well planned enough to put and keep your business on the map?

How often are your decisions based solely on cost first and not value add and investment?

These are a few question offered as a way to jump-start your business and give you the momentum necessary to cause measurable gains throughout the remainder of the year. 

New Perspectives bring New Ideas which turn in to New Opportunites! 
Grow Your Perspectives!

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Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome. 
~ Booker T. Washington