Monday, April 14, 2014

Procrastination Sabotages Success

Success. That somehow illusive yet desirable state most of us yearn to experience.

When we move about the earth as influencers, we have glimpses of success often enough to know what is possible for not only others, but for ourselves. Success affects lives in a big way.

Why does it seem that success is sometimes illusive? Aren't we taught that success is a result of hard work? Most of us begin our search for success by doing what we are told and following the rules. Yet we find ourselves trapped in a discouraging situation, feeling overwhelmed because we blindly follow conventional wisdom, hoping success will show up soon.

If success occurs in the process of drifting around, why aren't more people enjoying the level of success they yearn for most?

What stands in the way of reaching success is the habit of procrastination! Procrastination begins subtly by putting a few things off until it is convenient to do them; until we get around to it. Procrastination begins as differed action and, if it is not given conscious scrutiny, becomes a habit.

The habit of procrastination leads drifters to settle for what they get in life. Mild restlessness gradually becomes frustration which builds to exasperation. Procrastination is negative mental inertia which sabotages our chances at achieving success!

Influencers understand that procrastination is deferring decisive action; a motivation to stay hidden and to play small. In order to influence the lives of others and our own results, we need to modify the mindset we are using to determine what we desire our lives to be.
  •      We must decide to do the most important things first every day. Our daily actions must be prioritized.
  •       Plans must be made, followed and updated; not just talked about.
  •       Our goals must be accelerated, achieved and modified.

Effective Influencers truly understand that it is our complete and unchangeable right to use our minds. Exercising this right often is necessary for us to break the mental inertia that encourages us to settle for less than we deserve, or than we can create for ourselves.

Breaking stride with the drifter mentality is declaring our genius. To experience success over and over again, we must be resolute in our efforts to break away from the menacing mind games that convince us to underperform and settle for what comes our way.