Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Get It Together-Bag It!

On her live stream event February 19, Sylvia Henderson, The Clarity Queen for Implementation, asked Effective Influencer Mia Reed, "As a business owner, what can you do when you are in a fog and can't seem to get it together? Does health have anything to do with Brain Fog?" 

Mia Reed, Wellness Strategist and owner of C.H.A.I.N. 2 Prosper, says brain fog is a result of our health and our health is a result of our eating habits.   First, we have to understand that eating is not the same as nutrition. Eating is the act of putting something in your mouth and swallowing it, usually with the purpose of satisfying hunger.

Food is actually any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink, or that plants absorb, in order to maintain life and growth.  Many of the things that we eat would not necessarily qualify as food! Soft drinks, loaded with sweetener (artificial or not), candy, processed meals are examples of things we eat that do not add nutritive value or assist in the maintenance of life or growth.

Eating things with little or no nutritive value is what Mia refers to as TOXIC eating. Toxic eating is a cause of brain fog. Being dehydrated is another cause of brain fog. Brain fog is the absence of clarity, concentration and impaired memory. This is what Sylvia described as her inability to Get It Together.

Sylvia posed the question, “What can we do NOW to improve our concentration, memory and clarity?”

If you practice eating for nutrition, you will develop that as a habit. Health is a habit, too. Our health affects our attitude. When you are stuck and feeling like no progress is made, you can choose to feel just one degree better. Make one conscious choice to provide your brain with nutrition.

 Here are 4 Tips from Mia for immediate benefit:

1.   Hydrate- Our bodies are between 80-90% water. If we are dehydrated, we are “less” in the sense that we are operating at a lower level than we are capable of. We are out of balance.

Become more balanced by hydrating more. Mia uses the guideline of drinking the equivalent in liquid, preferably water, as half of your body weight. How can you make water more palatable? Infuse it with strawberry and basil, cucumber and mint. 

2.   Consume more nutrients- Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. The closer to their natural state (raw), the better quality nutrition you receive.

One of the best energy boosting habits to get in to is to consume natural sugar when facing a slump. Grabbing a handful (12-14) of almonds and a few raisins to munch will help that afternoon dip in energy.

3.   Understand what your body is saying when you experience the nibbles. That urge to snack is your body’s way of telling you it is deficient in a vitamin or mineral. Responding by snacking on processed foods and empty calories is Toxic Hunger. 

Stop and think for a minute when toxic hunger calls: what have you eaten so far? What might be missing? If you have consumed only carbohydrates, add some vegetables or fruits. Drink water before heading to the pantry or refrigerator. 

4.   Concentrate on receiving nutrients as you make food choices. Instead of merely satisfying hunger, strive to balance the nutrients your body craves. Eating is a habit. Nutrition is a conscious habit. For example, many of us have the habit of “finishing everything on your plate” or rewarding our children or ourselves with something to consume. 

Your stomach empties every 5 hours or so. If you are eating more often, you may be experiencing Toxic hunger. Take time to concentrate, choose and consume consciously.

Mia teaches people how to revise their food habits into nutritional habits. Most people today eat for comfort or out of boredom. She calls this unconscious use of food and food products TOXIC Eating. To replace TOXIC eating for long term results, Mia suggests that we BAG IT.

Cut up a few fruits and vegetables during commercials at night, or while you are preparing dinner. Use these pieces for a nutritional smoothie the following day. Just zip the ingredients in a stay fresh bag, refrigerate them overnight and pull them out in the morning. Pop the contents into a blender, add milk (Mia suggests milk other than cow’s milk, such as almond) and blend.

Drink a toast-Chain2prosper!

Change- Our current state of health is built on many incorrect beliefs and habits which were formed by those beliefs. You must decide when enough is enough!

Health- We must consciously get our health and our body into alignment. To do this we need to understand that eating and nutrition are not the same thing.

Attitude- We can change our food consumption habits by discarding our “stinkin’ thinkin’”  to a conscious process of nutrition. Z
       "We all need a check up from the neck up to avoid stinkin' thinkin' which ultimately leads to hardening of the attitude." ~ Zig ZiglarIntuition- Having and using knowledge of the process taking place throughout our bodies and affecting the mind-body connection at a cellular level.

Nutrition- Using foods for proper nutrition elevates our health. Proper nutrition, Mia says, encompasses the use of many raw foods.

2- Two people working together from different perspectives (internal and external) to achieve the desired health goals. We need an objective viewpoint to pull us from our rut and see things accurately.

Prosper- Why we are all here on earth. We cannot prosper from a position of “stuck”. Prosperity is achieved through action; it must be “right” action.
For your 3 Meal one day plan, send an email to: with the subject line: Bag IT. She will send you the details.