Monday, February 17, 2014

Getting it Together and Getting Out of the Way!

Where you end up in any process is always dependent upon where you begin. Where you begin encompasses how you operate in the world, how you view the world and what you expect from the world. Put another way, your results are determined by who you are, your view of reality and your assumption or judgments about what is possible.
Each life begins as an idea. The idea of "you" can be viewed from many perspectives. Let's choose for today to see the idea of "you" as a creative and joyful expression of love. Each life is born from energy;  an energy which contains curiosity, imagination and inspiration.
Curiosity creates wants. Curiosity demands that we seek out what is possible for ourselves.
Imagination creates opportunity. We imagine things  that do not yet exist in our experience.
Inspiration fuels our desires. We act in sprit with the laws of nature, the laws which govern all things.
As we grow into our predetermined purpose, well meaning influencers in our lives guide us with their imaginations.  Their imaginations contain the original energy along with distorted energy that is created from the experiences they have  had and the filter through which they view these experiences.
It is these filters through which we learn to view life that cause us to see a distorted truth. We see distortions in the form of fears, distress, confusion, overwhelm. At times we take the perspective that we can't get these innate powers together enough to bring about those conditions we desire.
These filters cannot detect curiosity. Imagination becomes something to avoid because imagining anything brings with it a risk too great to overcome. Inspiration takes the shape of a dream-an idea meant for fools.

Three Tips to help get it together:

1. Begin to question each decision you make. Ask, "Am I making this decision from desire or fear?
    CLUE- fear-based decisions keep you feeling "safe". You justify them by saying things like
    "I could do worse" or "At least I know what to expect"

TIP: Ask, " What would I do if I were not afraid?"

2. Identify the source of overwhelm, procrastination or confusion. Generally you will know who you sound like. Someone else's filter has been installed and you are making decisions for yourself using their filter.
    CLUE: When these ideas are in your mind, you are not living from your own values.  "I  sound   just like..." or "My (mom, dad, sibling) always told me XXXX."

TIP: Ask, "What would happen if I made a mistake?"

3. Take action from a new perspective. Become really clear about what specific result you want. You need to know how you will feel when your goal is reached, how it will change you and your perspectives on life.
     CLUE: When you are making decisions from your values, you feel both excited and scared at the same time. And you are eager to take action even though it seems you are unsure.

TIP: Ask, "If I don't do this, will I be happier? healthier? More true to myself and my desires?

Be curious. Be imaginative. Be inspirational.

Life begins where you begin. Where life takes you is your decision!