Friday, November 1, 2013

Harvest Happiness

Your happiness is an internal happening. Happiness is a feeling being transmitted through your senses in order that it may be expressed outwardly. The way you express yourself on the outside influences how others respond to you.

Walk into a room and notice the “mood” of the room. What is happening inside of us is always expressed on the outside. We may carry ourselves heavily when we feel burdened; we may bounce as we walk when we are truly ecstatic.  We wear worry lines and frowns and laugh lines.

If we seek what is true, we realize that our level of happiness is influencing how we participate in the world around us. We influence the world around us and those who operate in that world through communication. 

Wearing our emotions on our bodies is one way we communicate. How we speak to others is another. The feedback we get is a third way of communicating. BUT, in my way of thinking, the most important form of communication is how our minds translate experiences, feelings and beliefs to us.

For most of us, our internal dialog is silently running in the background and is secretly affecting how we view our day. By tapping into our minds, we can choose to substitute one unfruitful thought for another, more beneficial thought.

Last month, I challenged everyone to play a game of Conversation Tag: to have a conversation each day with someone new and to observe their responses and your reactions.

Now I invite you to share what effect this exercise in communication had/has on you: 

  •   Are you more aware of auto responses? “Hi, Can I help you?” “Fine, and you?”

  •   How often do you anticipate someone’s reactions?   Or do you experience their reactions as they occur?

  •   Do you feel more comfortable connecting with strangers now?

  •   How has this exercise changed communication with those familiar to you?

         "Prepare your mind to receive the best that life has to offer."
            Ernest Holmes

**How do you feel about communication in today’s world?

**Do we connect with those around us each day or are we losing at the “game” of communication?

Second weekof November

The next stage of this game is to now pay attention to how you talk to yourself. What conversations do you have in your head?
  •  Are they full of positive feedback and encouragement?
  •  Do you find that you admonish yourself for forgetting or not doing something?
  •  Are your internal conversations useful in moving you toward a goal, dealing with a difficult situation?
  •  When you listen to the chatter in your mind, is it harmful? Negative? Full of doubt? Or is it light, thoughtful, empowering, and supportive?

         "He is able who thinks he is able.” Buddha