Wednesday, July 24, 2013

3 Ways to Influence Financial Freedom

There is a difference in the way people think when it comes to money… there are the individuals who demonstrate the ability to consistently achieve astounding financial results, and there are individuals who work to make ends meet.  

For those who demonstrate their abilities in profitable ways, they understand that they control their circumstances, that change is a necessity and that they are responsible for what is in their lives.  

But for people who continue to make ends meet and strive for security, their belief is that circumstances dictate their experiences, that change should be avoided and think that having adequate provisions is the financial goal they should achieve.  

For those of you that straddle the two groups I am describing, believing you are in the group seeking a life of familiarity and safety, but yearning to experience more in life, here are 3 ways you can create more abundance and better financial results:  

1. Take responsibility for everything that is currently in your reality including financial problems and strained or broken relationships. You can do this by refusing to blame or fault others for anything.

Express gratitude not only for what works in your life, but for the challenges you face currently. Seek information from people who have deep experience or training in the specific area where you need support.

2. Decide what needs to happen and take immediate and decisive action toward the goal. Allowing yourself to become confused keeps you in a state of inaction and creates additional difficulties the longer you remain in this stagnant position.  

Taking calculated risk is part of the process. Listen to the advice of others only if they are experts in the situation you are facing. Their expertise should support you in moving through the issue and strengthening your power as you grow.

3. Commit to doing whatever it takes to move closer to your goals. Be very clear about what result you are seeking to create. Take actions which will likely cause the results you want to experience. Believe in your abilities, your gut reactions and your skills in building relationships.

I invite you to take the Money Mindset Assessment, determine your score and schedule a Personal Mindset Conversation to discuss your results, what they indicate and how to leverage that information to create more empowering thoughts and boost financial results.

Money Mindset Assessment is available for free download until August 1, 2013 when it becomes available on  for a fee.

You can cause different results in your financial arena. You can also affect other areas of your life in the time it takes you to answer the assessment questions with a gut response.  

Empower your thinking and begin creating the results you desire. You will soon do so with confidence and consistency.  

Grow Your Perspectives, 

Renée Canali, The Mindset Coach

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