Monday, December 3, 2012

Hiding Near You- Finding Your Core

This is a story within a story. It is a story that demonstrates that each of us has what we need to be successful and in control of our lives. It also serves as a reminder of how easily we abandon our truest selves to become dependant upon others for our own happiness and definition of who we are deep inside.

   "I spend my time searching for something, but never find it. The search becomes the quest over time and I lose track of what it is I am looking for. What I seek is the knowledge of WHO I really am; the me I was born to be".

A young girl sits in her dad’s lap, captivated by the story her dad is telling.  The story is about a small boy in ancient times, setting out to find the most important thing of all. He is seeking what his mother wants most. It is the only thing she has been waiting for since he can remember: She is looking for herself.

Girl’s Father: Almost every day, he hears his mother anguish over finding herself.
        “I wish I knew how to find myself again. I would give anything if only I knew how to find the real me.”

On his 6th birthday, the young boy decides to plan a journey to The Beautiful Garden. The Beautiful Garden is a mystical place-a place everyone has experienced but only the wisest of mankind have ever lived. Even knowing this, the boy is determined to set forth in search of this garden where all that is lost is said to be found.

For several weeks, he dreams of his adventure. He collects his belongings, all of the treasures he possesses and plans his route. He speaks to the town elders, seeking their guidance.

“Venture forth towards that which you fear.”, Commands the Chieftain.
“Stop only when you are on the other side of Tbuod, suggests the Head Counsel.
“Use the trust others have placed in you to nourish the trust you have in yourself.” advises the medicine man.
“Count your blessings.” The High Priestess warns.

The boy carefully notes each word of wisdom imparted to him and returns home. As he approaches, he is greeted by the smells of his favorite soup wafting from the kitchen through the door.

He enters the kitchen as his mother finishes setting the soup and one spoon on the table. The boy, puzzled, looks into his mother’s eyes as he asks, “Mother, why only one spoon?”

        “I have done all I can do, son. The rest is too hard.” His mother whispers as she sits beside him with tears in her eyes.

“Mother, the boy says. “I am going on a journey to find what you have lost.”

“What have I lost, son?” she questions.

“I am going to find the part of you which you have sought my whole life. I have spoken to the town elders and have packed my belongings. I leave tomorrow.”

The boy’s mother smiles sadly. She wants to tell him his journey is a folly. Yet when she begins to speak, she sees wonder and imagination in his eyes, hears curiosity in his voice and feels the knowing in his heart. He trusts himself and knows his determination will guide him.
At the end of the story, the little girl asks,
 “Did she find who she was looking for?”

“Yes, honey,” he responds. “She found what she was looking for. It was hiding near her.”

“Was it in the closet or under the bed?” she inquires.

“No, honey. Not in the closet or under the bed. She found it in plain sight. She found her sense of adventure in the determination of her son’s actions. She discovered the curiosity she lost in her son’s voice when he tells her of his search for the Beautiful Garden. And most important of all, she found the part of her that once allowed her to conquer fear, cross the boundaries of doubt and build trust within herself.”

“But where did she find that, daddy?” The girl asked.

“That, he answered, “she found by being grateful for her son’s determination to find something so valuable to her. She nurtured it by appreciating his belief in her. And she paid him back by sharing the best of her self with others.”

“Just like her son did,” the little girl states. “Daddy, who is this woman?”

He explains, “She is the spirit within each of us. She tends to The Beautiful Garden.”

“Daddy, what is the Beautiful Garden?” she puzzles.

“The Beautiful Garden is where we all begin-the core of who we are born to be. We sometimes forget to tend to the Beautiful Garden, just as the woman in the story did. We forget to use our imagination and curiosity every day. We become tired and lose our determination to use the gifts we have been given. When we forget to use and appreciate what we have, our spirit becomes overshadowed by fear, doubt and distrust of ourselves and others. We look outside of ourselves for inspiration, but it is always hiding somewhere near us.”

4 Wisdom Keys:

  • Face Your Fears - Focus on what you want and move through the fear that stands in your way.
  • Overcome doubt - Become curious about what else might be possible.
  • Build trust within yourself - Forgive yourself for past errors and trust you will do better when you know better.
  • Be grateful for EVERYTHING - Accept all that is given you and seek a better understanding through the lessons life brings.

In all ten directions of the Universe, there is only one truth.
When we see clearly, the great teachings are the same. What can ever be lost? What can be attained?
If we attain something, it was there from the beginning of time.
If we lose something, it is hiding somewhere near us. 
Ryokan 1758-1831

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